Who am I?

We were given the last project before the holidays, which is to film a self portrait. It got me thinking what am I really like, and how can I describe it, most of all, how could I show it on film? I went home during the Easter break and filmed some material, and it was quite good to be back in Finland because that’s where I’m from and that’s what probably describes me the best. We are going to do the editing next week and I still need to film a couple of bits for it but I’m hoping either my boyfriend or one of my mates could film the last shots I need. Planning the project, I thought it would be a good idea to put up photos, which I find describe me well. I found it as a good way to prepare myself for the self portrait, and because it was a good excuse to put up more photos as we only did one photography project, haha. Here are five photos, which I think describe me really well.


I laugh a lot. And smile a lot. Once my workmate told me she couldn’t see me at uni but could hear me… 😀 I think that tells something about my laugh. And I think I’m just loud and talk a lot in general. I have a really positive outlook to life and I try not to worry about the future (or uni work, teehee). I don’t want to waste a day worrying (even thought sometimes I do find myself stressing and worrying about silly things but then my boyfriend gives me a really tight squeeze and reminds me not to worry). I find running help with stress and this semester I have notices that I’ve been taking it a bit easier and haven’t been stressing loads if I haven’t had time to do something.


That gets us to the next picture, which is me eating a yogurt pot. I eat really healthily and exercise every week. I don’t particularly like crisps or sweets, and quite a few people find it absurd and weird. I’ve been told I’m the healthiest person on this planet, which obviously isn’t true, but when I’m getting an apple or a sweet pepper out of my bag to have a snack next to people munching on pasties and chocolate bars, it’s not hard to point out the contrast.  I mean, I like a bit of chocolate every once in a while, and at the moment I’m more than addicted to chocolate peanut butter, but I prefer vegetables to potatoes with my chicken and fish, and absolutely love tiring my muscles with squats.


On the contrary, I love my phone a bit too much sometimes. I can spend hours scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, looking at pictures on Weheartit or Tumblr, and reading either Finnish or English news. I don’t know how I do it and sometimes I wish I could just put my phone down and enjoy the moment. It’s not easy being a media student… 😀 I also text my parents and sister on Whatsapp throughout the day, and we usually skype every Sunday, as they all live in Finland. It’s a bit difficult sometimes when I have something urgent or I’m really excited about something and I don’t get an instant reply. Damn you, two hour time difference. 😀 And part of it might be me being very impatient sometimes.


But when it comes to painting my nails, I have all the patience in this world! I paint my nails literally every other day. It makes me feel relaxed and I feel such satisfaction when I finish doing my nails and they look pretty. I own probably over 200 nail polishes and gave some old ones away as presents last Christmas, haha. My friends were very thankful. Even though I have so many different colours I still look through new released nail polish collections and build lists in my head of colours I would like. Mainly I wear different shades of red, but occassional blues, purples, and nudes. Now that the summer is coming I’ll have to get my pastel and neon shades out, woohoo!


But as I said, most of the time I do find it difficult to focus on one thing. I can’t keep my motivation up to read loads of research material – I have to have a break of editing pictures or having a snack in between. Even though, flying to Finland I could focus on my essay for whole two hours, so it might just be that I get easily distracted, haha. But if there is something I’m passionate about, I will get it done. And most of the time I have a really good motivation in doing well with uni stuff and will aim for high marks. I also noticed that if I underline text as I read it, I remember more of it. I can read pages of text but not remember any of it if I don’t think about it, haha! It might have something to do with being bilingual though. I can easily ignore all the English speaking people around me if I want to. 😀 Anyway, that’s what I’m like, and I hope I can get some of it through my video project. I have really enjoyed this course and will obviously carry on my personal blog. I have definitely got more ideas to make my personal blog more versatile. We still have a couple of weeks left and hopefully some more interesting topics to go through. 🙂


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