Hi, I’m Johanna! I’m a student in Anglia Ruskin university in Cambridge. I’m doing a media course and I’m going to be writing this blog as a part of a module called networked image. I’ll be posting different projects we are given during the module, and some random pictures and thoughts, too.

I have done blogging before and have a personal blog on www.thegoalistograduate.blogspot.co.uk. I find it interested how some people do blogging for living, and even though that’s probably not what I end up doing in life, I think it would certainly be an interesting topic to do research on. I am also interested in print journalism, like magazines and newspapers, and last semester got quite keen on doing radio. Outside of university my interest are having a healthy lifestyle, photography, and painting my nails. I am not even lying if I say I paint my nails at least three times a week, just because I enjoy it!

I moved to Cambridge three and a half years ago from my home country Finland. I have a part-time job in a pharmacy, which I enjoy because it gives me a break from studying, and obviously some extra money too. I’m looking forward to exploring the different projects we are going to do during the networked image module, and you shall find out more about me as I post more on here. 🙂


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