Self portrait project

As a final project for this module, we were asked to create a self portrait of 2-3 minutes. I immediately had loads of ideas, and as I was going to Finland for Easter holidays, I managed to get quite a lot of footage from my home country, which I think makes the clip that extra bit special. Now, I’ll let you watch it first and then comment the result.

Remember to turn the quality to HD!

First of all, I absolutely love the song I found for this. It has such a happy tone, which I think describes my usual mood really well. The song was only a minute long, so I had to add it to the background three times, and at one point you can hear the song finish, so I guess I could have faded it a little bit more but I don’t think it really matters. During the latest lecture I got the idea of using this blog as a way of fitting the narrative in, because we were watching some clips other students made last year, and I realised that I could actually add writing in between the clips. I have a personal blog too, so I thought it would make sense for me to write my thoughts on ‘blog’. I recorded my screen as I typed, and made the writing faster on a movie editor. Basically, I listed down a handful of things I find important in my life, like nail polish and smoothies, and filmed short clips of them, mainly in Finland. One of my favourite parts of the video is me walking from Finland to England. I got the idea on the plane to Finland, and decided I needed to film it. Anything a bit funny is so me. I also had a clip of me eating a carrot and pulling a crazy face but it didn’t unfortunately fit in. 😀 The part where I’m taking a photograph could have been a bit smoother, but because the shot was so long I had to edit it down and it looks a tiny bit clumsy. I think the edit makes it ok, and then again it’s just little things I would change if I did it again. I filmed everything freehand, so if I was to do it again, I’d probably use a tripod. I filmed with my DSLR camera, which I think was quite enough qualitywise. I mean, Youtube always makes the quality a lot worse anyway. Altogether I am super happy with how it turned out, and have been playing it on the background whilst writing this because I like the song that much. To be honest, this project was something I would do just for fun, to then put it on my blog, because I enjoy documenting my life, and I guess I know myself quite well and can describe myself easily.


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