Original networked writing project


As the final networked writing project we were told to come up with an idea and use any social media to write it. My pair and I were thinking about ideas, and as the documents on VLE suggested using a memory, we decided to use probably one of the most significant memory we both shared – the first day of university! We decided to use ask.fm as our social media site, and the limit of 300 characters gave us a bit more room to come up with the story. As ask.fm is a website based on asking questions, we decided to use questions as the main element in our writing project. We didn’t plan how many parts we would use but thought the story would start and end like any day would. I’ll add some comments and evaluation in the end but will let you read through the project first, enjoy!

Terrified? Nervous? Excited? How else am I suppose to describe it? I mean is it weird to be old and mature yet small and naive? Why am I feeling this much emotions at the same time? Especially at 7:30 in the morning? I guess its only natural right? Now, where is that stupid bus? -Are you there yet?

The buses were late, of course. It was the first day of uni and I was feeling excited and scared at the same time. Would I make friends? What kind of people would I spend the next three years with? Would it be a lot of work? Where was the classroom I was supposed to be in?

I shouldn’t have spent so much time choosing my outfit. But I just couldn’t choose between the blue and the red. Well what’s a girl got to do? At least I found the room. Why is everyone staring at me? Should I smile or say hi or something? What time is it? No way! Is it 9:20 already? Can it get worse?

The lecturer seems nice enough, he’s explaining what the course is actually about. But why can’t he tell us that we’re gonna make friends and have lots of fun because I’m not sure about anything at this moment. Who am I going to hang out with when the class finishes?

After the lecture we had another hour of seminar. I really enjoyed getting to know a few people during those two hours. Where did the time go? Now, the only major questions I really want to know are… What the heck are semiotics and why does the lecturer keep mentioning some man called Roland?

After the break I’d have one more lecture and then the first day of university would be over. Luckily I could spend the break with a group of girls from the first lecture, they all seemed really nice. It got me wondering would they be the group I was going to hang out with for the next three years.

I really hoped so. The next lecture was Media, Culture & Society. We had the same lecturer from before so at least there was some sense of familiarity there right? Overall it was a good lecture and I met some more great people to hang out with. Won’t you agree that is a good ending to my first day?

As I walked out of the university building I was gathering my thoughts about the day… So many new faces and things to remember. Hoping it would all make sense at some point. I was already looking forward to the things I’d learn. But where is the class I’d have my seminar in tomorrow morning?

I am really pleased how it turned out. We weren’t really given a lot of guideline as to what we were supposed to do so I hope this is what was expected. It was nice to write with a pair again because the story line is built between the two and everything the other writes affects the decisions I have to make to form a story that would make sense. In a way it’s exciting to find out what the other comes up with, and I really thought it was hilarious when my pair wrote ‘What the heck are semiotics and why does the lecturer keep mentioning some man called Roland?’ because that is exactly how I felt on the first day! 😀 I think we managed to create a nicely flowing story that truthfully describes our first day of university.


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