Tweet to tweet


‘Gran, my controller is broken’ said the little boy. BANG! ‘Oh never mind it’s fixed’ he cheered as he left his gran covered in red grunge.

‘What have you done? I can’t believe you have have done this? I’m sorry but you should not have done that to me.’

The old lady was not pleased with her grandson. He had opened the hoover dust bag and scattered it all over the room. It was not acceptable.

‘I will have to take your controller and end the game. Even if your parents don’t set rules for you, there are rules in this house.’

The third part of the networked writing project was to create a link between two tweets, which other students had written. Basically, the first two are the ones I got from my friends, and after changing the wording of the second one from I to you it was quite easy to come up with the explanation to the events. The little boy was visiting his grandmother and had managed to make a mess. Eventually the grandmother got fed up with his impish behavior and decided to put a stop to it. I quite like twitter fiction now, and did not find it hard at all to come up with the links, unlike with the first twitter fiction project. I suppose it makes it easier that two tweets are already there but it does take a little bit of creativity to link them together.


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