Three twitter fictions

Eloise’s reaction describes the struggles of coming up with twitter fiction…

This week we were given a task of writing three pieces of twitter fiction. I haven’t used twitter so I didn’t really know what it was all about. We were told there were examples on the Guardian’s website and on twitter under #twitterfiction, which I found really helpful. Having a look at what other people had come up with gave me an idea of paying extra attention to my own life’s events, as of something to inspire me. Actually, I got the first potential twitter fiction idea right after the lecture when I missed my bus. I did have to change the wording of it quite a bit to fit to the character limits and in order to save the ‘revealing’ plot twist to the end. Here it goes, my first ever twitter fiction:

  • I ran for my life, I did not want to miss it, but I did. Then I heard the bus hadn’t even turned up – they said it was the diversions.

After the first bright idea I had nothing on my mind, and trying to think of at least something I decided to write a twitter fiction of my struggles…

  • Eternal emptiness… no ideas, no inspiration. She had been thinking about it for days… How to write a striking twitter fiction?

Haha, I was quite amused by this actually. 😀 I’m not one to take things too seriously, so when I struggle I try something different. This time it worked, woohoo. This could be a really deep and emotional bit of a novel but then it’s got the hilarious twist. I’m actually starting to enjoy this. I noticed that it’s quite easy to tell the genre of twitter fictions, I mean you can have horror, crime, romance, or whatever you’d like! Maybe I’ll try something different next…

  • His hands were covered in blood. Where did it all come from? It’s not like he deserved it – he was only there to clean the toilets.

Ha! Got a bit of scary stuff going on there. It wasn’t actually that hard figuring out the third one, it just came from somewhere! That’s it! Three twitter fictions done and I feel strangely proud. I don’t think we’ve been given any homework during the first year so it was nicely challenging to have to come up with something.


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