Being connected

Our first project was to create a clip on Vine, which is an app to create short 6-second videos. The point is, as long as you hold you finger down you are going to be filming, and you can create different shots by lifting your finger off the screen, moving the camera and pressing your finger down again. To be honest I had never heard of Vine before and it took me a while to get the gist of it. The video project topic was to create what we think being connected is. First I filmed my mates with their Iphones out but the clip ended up being a bit rubbish because it was the first time I even used Vine and I didn’t know to take my finger off the screen. 😀 So I ended up filming another one, this time of me and Eloise listening to music whilst chilling out and being on social media. It’s not like we’re unsocial because we talk all the time but sometimes you just need to check what’s going on on Facebook or Instagram. I mean that’s what a media student’s got to do! Listening to music together is connecting as well! I love listening to music with someone because you can comment the song and lyrics or just feel it all together. Also, Eloise has some pretty good tunes on her Ipad!