My top 3 favourite blogs

For the second lesson we were given a brilliant piece of homework – to list our three favourite blogs or blogs that we are interested in. Obviously if you’re not into blogs or have never read a blog it would mean a lot of googling and figuring out what kinds of blogs you want to read. To me, it was easy because I regularly follow blogs, and picking three was not difficult. Of course there are plenty of other lovely blogs I read every week but these three seem to be the ones I look at regularly. Let’s begin with one of the most popular Finnish bloggers, Annika O.


>click here for her blog< She’s had a blog since she was a teenager, and I’ve pretty much followed her the whole time. Five years ago there were only a handful of bloggers and it was easy to get many followers. She seems to have managed to keep her blog interesting throughout the years, even though it’s only about her life and outfits. The thing I like about her blog most is her clear and large photographs. She has also managed to stay down-to-earth even though she has thousands of followers, and she still replies to every comment she gets. Even though she has quite a few foreign followers she doesn’t add a translation, which would possibly make her blog even more popular. It might be that she wants to keep it to the Finnish readers and that way have a more personal touch, even though blogging is her job.


The next blog is Deliciously Ella >click here for her blog<. Her blog is about food, specificly about healthy food. Her recipes use ‘clean’ ingredients, which means they are not processed like white sugar and plain flour, but more like oats, vegetables, and coconut sugar. Even though she bakes cakes and makes chocolate and delicious smoothies, everything can be classed ‘healthy’. I like the variety in her blog, and if I fancy making something different I often search a suitable recipe from her blog. I don’t necessary read every new recipe she posts but the ones I’m interested in making. She has recently published a cook book in the UK, which was a huge success beating cook book author’s such as Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. Her photographs are clear and big as well, which seems to be something in common with all the blogs I have chosen. To be honest, the photographs are the main thing I look at in blogs so the pictures need to be large and clear to keep me interested.


The third blog is Nirrimi’s photography blog the road is home >click here to have a look<. She is a professional photographer, but the different thing about her is her age, she was world know at the age of 16! Her photographs are the main reason I read her blog, even though she seems to be able to capture so much emotion in her writing as well. She seems so down-to-earth and has a gorgeous daughter who often poses in her photos. The stunning views from Australian beaches and the boho lifestyle Nirrimi has are intriguing and even though I don’t follow her blog religiously unlike the first one, I definitely get back to it time after time.