Set networked photography project

Now all the writing projects are finished and next up is networked photography. The first set project was to take 10 to 15 photos, which link together, and to have one graphic match and one colour match. My pair Trisha and I decided to photograph same object around the campus, and because we are in Cambridge there is more than enough of bicycles, so we decided to take photos of them. We went to a few different locations and because we both had cameras we could take similar photos of the same surroundings. Taking pictures I realised that bikes are quite photogenic and they all tell a story in a way. Some were recklessly leaning on walls and fences, whilst others had been protectively chained to lamp posts or bike parks. There were brand new and shiny bikes, and muddy or broken ones. Ones with baskets and some without. I had never thought a bike could tell so much even though it’s such a simple and ordinary item. Here is the series of photos we took…



We both posted the picture series to our tumblr blogs, which we created for the networked image module. Trisha’s is, and mine is I’m happy with how the project turned out, and even though I didn’t expect Trisha to bring her camera along, it was quite nice to be taking photos of the same things rather than handing the camera back and forth. We didn’t exactly plan what kind of photos we were going to take but took a lot of different ones, and then afterwards picked our favourites for the project. Choosing one object to photograph was quite an easy way to link all of them together. We only chose one picture without a bike in it, which is the picture of a battered sign saying ‘no cycles please’. We chose it because it still relates as the sign forbid all the bikes from that particular spot so we didn’t have a bike to photograph. The fact is that somebody would have locked their bike there if the sign wasn’t there, and probably would nevertheless. We have a graphic match of the bike locked on the lamp post, and the one locked on the fence, because the framing is the same. We managed to get a couple of colour matches – the flowers in the basket match the red brakes, and even the red cover on the children’s safety seat. We also have two different bikes of the same shade of blue, even though we didn’t plan it. My favourite photos are the first one, the chunky lock on the blue bike, and the bike leaning on the blue wall. I think Trisha framed the bike leaning on the blue wall really cleverly, and it is one of the most powerful pictures in the series. I love photographing and have my camera out pretty much every day, so I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project, and am pleased with the outcome.


Ten tweet tale


The second writing project was to pick one of the twitter fictions and make up another 9 tweets in pairs to form a story. I found the exercise really interesting because you couldn’t really guess what  the pair was gonna write to continue the story, and it was exciting to see what was gonna happen next. I was actually more creative than I thought I would because I haven’t written anything like this in years. I’m gonna let you read it through and have some comments below. Enjoy! 🙂

His hands were covered in blood. Where did it all come from? It’s not like he deserved it – he was only there to clean the toilets.

It was his first day on the job as well. A day he can barely remember. Everything was a blur and when he thought about it all he’d see is red.

The blood trail lead to the back door. They had to close down the business. Nobody ever suspected the 17-year-old waitress.

But beyond a pretty face lies a corrupt fakery, an evil mind and the emotional range of a she-devil. Still, she was a good waitress.

If only somebody knew where she was. They called her a psychopath, said she’d feel no remorse. Her parents wanted to deny it all ever happened.

They even fled to Cornwall to get away from her. If only they showed her love and took her as well, they wouldn’t have died in their caravan.

She was completely messed up and would be facing a lifetime in prison. But this wasn’t all about her. It was him who originally started it all.

They shouldn’t have mistaken lust for love- they aren’t the same. Both of them so badly blinded by lust that they used love as their weapon.

Reckless youngsters. They should’ve know love is deadly. The nationwide alerts hadn’t been successful, everybody was afraid they’d get away.

It wasn’t until today that the police found a note that said ‘LOOKIN 2 MURDER’ stuck on the door of HEL330 at Anglia Ruskin University…

My absolute favourite is the fourth tweet my pair made up, I think she’s used really good wording and describes it all so well. I tried to add a bit more criminal detective feel to it by using words like suspected, prison and nationwide alerts. We also played with quite a few characters so I guess it could have gotten confusing where it says ‘it was him who originally started it all’ because somebody could have thought it was the cleaner from the beginning. Then again, it could stay mysterious who is who. I did add ‘reckless youngsters’ just to confirm the waitress and he were a couple. I quite like the ending my pair came up with but I might have kept the location more neutral. Obviously it’s uni work so it’s alright to pin it to our uni but I might have enjoyed a more mysterious look to the whole thing. Then again, I’m really happy with how we did it. 🙂 We basically wrote it all on Facebook messenger copy pasting the new tweet to the whole story so we could keep up with how the story was developing. In the beginning it felt like a marathon and I was a bit overwhelmed how many lines we’d have to come up with but when we had only two left I realised we should probably get some sort of closure. I enjoyed the writing and creating, and am definitely looking forward to the other writing projects!

Being connected

Our first project was to create a clip on Vine, which is an app to create short 6-second videos. The point is, as long as you hold you finger down you are going to be filming, and you can create different shots by lifting your finger off the screen, moving the camera and pressing your finger down again. To be honest I had never heard of Vine before and it took me a while to get the gist of it. The video project topic was to create what we think being connected is. First I filmed my mates with their Iphones out but the clip ended up being a bit rubbish because it was the first time I even used Vine and I didn’t know to take my finger off the screen. 😀 So I ended up filming another one, this time of me and Eloise listening to music whilst chilling out and being on social media. It’s not like we’re unsocial because we talk all the time but sometimes you just need to check what’s going on on Facebook or Instagram. I mean that’s what a media student’s got to do! Listening to music together is connecting as well! I love listening to music with someone because you can comment the song and lyrics or just feel it all together. Also, Eloise has some pretty good tunes on her Ipad!